Earth Elemental Sprite

Hi guys,

Here is a 3D sculpture I made based off of Tim Von Rueden’s artwork ‘Earth Elemental Sprite’

Used with permission from Mr. Rueden

Link to original artwork by Tim: [

I’m hoping I can turn this into a 3D print sometime in the future.


Added a turnable video.

Awesome! How did you make this creases, leaves and organical shapes ?

Well… mainly just a lot of time and patience. crease, inflate, pinch, flatten, and repeat. I did use masks at times. Sometimes I would mask off where a piece of wood would go and pull it out. Afterwards I would cut into the sides with the crease brush.

In regards to the foliage I first cut the edge of a leaf with the crease brush and then used clay strips to build up one edge and lower the other.

Hope that helps.

I probably won’t do a translucent material.

And yea I didn’t do the foliage on the back. I figured it looked better from the other side without it.

This is really a great work, thanks for sharing. And look forward to your 3D printer model : )