earth models

does anyone knows how to model continent and states to sphere? i mean like attached picture. i can model flat continent, but i dont know how to do to have a world around the sphere


I think it would be easier to use textures for this kind of stuff. Make a sphere and use an alpha texture to make the oceans transparent (or semi-transparent) and continents solid. Then use bump/normal texture to add some volume to the continents.


you should be able to find enough earth images for this method.

the problem is that i need to animate extrusion of some states, so i need it to model, i know it is lot of work, but i dont know how to make it to sphere

try doing it roughly to a sphere, then using tosphere on it to make it more spherical. I think if you use curves for the continents it might work well…? im not sure about the curves.

I think the best way to do this, though time consuming, would be to first make the continent flat and then move around vertices so it conforms to the face of the sphere. If you just got like a rough outline of the continent than subdivided after you shaped it to the face of the sphere you could save yourself some time.