earth sphere difficulty.

looking for a VERY sharp map of earth to put on a sphere i found that those maps with rounded sides were sharpest but did not fit the sphere.
can they fit a blender sphere without splitting in the pacific?


Sorry, but in this situation ‘simplicity’ is very vague.

Or you get a good map, already transformed for 3d usage (equiretangular, cubemap, etc), or the simplicity is gone and you’ll end up drowned in an ocean of math, filled of angry matrixes and tensors.

you NEED to use a "simple cylindrical " map projection
as per EVERY guide i have ever seen

i make planet maps for sim’s and some games and have been doing this for a LONG time

try this old 2004 JULY map from bluemarble

this is a small 5400 x 2700 pixel map

a larger 43200 x 21600 pixel map ( cut up into 4 parts A,B,C,and D )
or make a “cube” map

from a simple cylindrical map

thanks for your help

found it thanks