Earth V2

This is my second attempt at making earth i think it looks alot better than my last one well critics and tips wanted here is a picture of my first earth and my latest one.


ok rexono i know how to maake atmosphere but its gonna need some post pro afterwards…wanna hear it?

Assuming the closer shot is the new one… yeah, I think it looks better with an atmosphere layer and stuff. Hard to tell from the entirely different angles though.

The atmosphere does need to be faded out somehow… not sure how you could do that. alpha mapped in the object’s coords, perhaps?

Also, the specular lighting on the clouds looks wrong, where the sun reflects directly off the earth. Nothing big though; it looks good :slight_smile:

It looks pretty darn good from my seat, but if you asked me, when you tweek the atmo, give it a somewhat soft glow, it’ll help cut down on the heavy glare.