I need help creating my earth first off i would like to learn how to fix the textures so it doesnt stretch and i want to make it more 3d like


Here is an update i added shinyness to the the ocean and not on the land and added a bump map but i cant get rid of that weird texture stretch i need help with that

sorry here is the image


check out issue # 9 at

I tried to use the uv map to and in the sphere preview it looks fine but when its renderd it looks like this i need help


Maybe try a different type of sphere? Also you should go into those map settings and change it to “sphere” from flat and try that with orco. Should help

what you did wrong in the uv is youdid the size wronf i did that once it just repeats itself

finally i fixed the texture problem but now i was wondering how to make the clouds cast a shadow on the earth and how to create a glowing atmosphere


Make it a seperate object. Make a light that casts shadows :slight_smile: But I don’t think you could really see shadwos from space anyway lol

that would make a great icon!!!

added the moon


i just need help adding atmosphere

Check out blender art magazine. there was an article in there about making planets. Should be the space special. Issue 9.

You’d do well to read through all the issue, they have some great tutorials and reference for a new user. I read through all the back issues the first month I downloaded Blender, it helped a lot in overcoming the steep learning curve.

Is this magazine free or not

Very free… and a good resource too.

Go to the site which was linked to you in the previous post by Smoking_mirror ( and then go to the issues section of the website and scroll down to issue 9 and then… download!

Good luck!


Thanks… Oh wow i downloaded all 12 issues and its incredible i better start reading. Thanks and do you think that this might better help me understand how to make my games and charecters.

The quick and dirty method is to add a second sphere, slightly larger (s= 1.010) strip it of give it a new texture and play with the Fresnel settings.