Ease-In Ease-Out?

Are these availalable in Blender, you select a single keyframe on a function curves and then set ease-in or ease-out?


Setting a key frame creates a point on an interpolated curve ( aka IPO ) with default ease-in/ease-out. You can go into the IPO window and have your way with the curve slopes by playing with the point handles and point types.

It’s all documented.

A firm understanding of IPO’s is critical for understanding what Blender does … what it does by default and what you can do when that isn’t what you want.

Everything in Blender really comes down to these IPOs, which always represent the change in some single variable (such as LocX or SizeZ), over time. IPOs usually come in groups (such as the three … X, Y, Z … needed to describe a Euler location). The curve of an IPO can be a Bezier curve, or it can be linear. (Editor’s Note: This is the “interpolation type” feature mentioned in a subsequent post…) These curves can be edited like all other curves in Blender can be edited. “Keyframes” are simply “those frames which have an explicit-point on the curve, vs. an interpolated value.”

As you use the more advanced features of Blender, such as Actions, you’ll observe once again that Blender is using IPOs; computer-generated ones in this case.

And what about doing “pop-thru” posing? Can you get keyframes to hold a constant value until the next keyframe? You could do this with the handles I guess, but in other apps there is a specific command for this.

I’m all questions.


yep, you can. Select al relevant curves. in the header to to Curve->Interpolation

the options here are constant, linear, and bezier. Constant is the same as pop through. linear is just that, linear motion. bezier is blender’s default “ease in/ease out”

All can be tweaked afterwards by editing the handles.

hope that was useful :slight_smile: