Easier way to do a Rotation Animation?

Hey folks,

Newbie question: I’m making a tank. I want to create an animation where I rotate the head of the tank left and right while keeping the body still (as tanks do). Right now, the only way I know to do this is to move the top ever so slightly and capture a frame, and repeat 50 times. This is not only time consuming, but error prone when trying to keep it at a consistent speed. Is there anyway to tell Blender you’d like to make an animation where the starting place looks like it is currently, and the ending frame should look as it would fully rotated, and then blender would automatically create the 48 frames in between to bring the starting position to the ending position?


Have the turret as a separate object
Keyframe its rotation at start frame (0 degrees on Z axis) and at end frame (360 degrees on Z axis). Insert keyframe with RMB or I with cursor over value
In the graph editor you can change the interpolation mode (shortcut T) to linear so you get a constant rotation speed

To can also edit individual keyframes in the graph editor


rotate.blend (92.1 KB)

Thanks a lot! Got it working. That really helped.