Easiest way to capture individual DVD frames

I want to capture individual DVD frames as reference material, and before someone starts shouting about legal issues, this is allowed if you

a.) own the DVD
b.) are not selling or distributing the frames in any form, electronic or printed.

So, that being said, who here knows of a way to get high quility still frames from DVDs. I have tried all the different things that are supposed to make the print screen button work, with no success. I’ve also tried a lot of the screen capture programs that claim they capture off DVDs, they don’t work either. Any suggestions?

to capture a screen from any video playing software you need to disable video overlays [in the individual program’s options], this way the screen capture will actually capture the image

also, several dvd playing programs have their own screenshot function, for example InterVideo WinDVD [I have version 4], the command is the P key [button kinda looks like a camera]

do you need to capture enough screens that extracting the video would be worth it?

i tried many things, including disabling overlays, without success. I just took the time to download powerDVD trial (16MB on dial up) and it captures frams, all my other DVD players said you had to buy the software (they came as packaged software) in order to get that function. I remember using a program a while back that would actually preview through the DVD, just for the purpose of finding the frame you wanted and saving it. I can’t find it anymore.