easily make videogames

Why should not videogame making be as easy as painting?

Because painting only requires you to…paint. A video game requires modeling, painting of a sort, gameplay logic design, programming, and a host of other tasks, each of which has some level of difficulty in its own right. It’s simple arithmetic.

The ai systems could be premade.The animations for characters you make could be premade.The textures could be premade.There could hundreds and thousands of those.The ragdolls systems could be premade all you would have to do is press a button while the armature is highlighted.You could have a make destructible button for meshes for the game engines.The particles systems could be premade.There could be thousands of them.The driveable vehicles could be premade.The ai systems could be made to learn fighting tactics and could be swapped out randomly for ai systems that are not so smart.Everthing in the game engine could be modified if you wanted to.You would also have infinite ground.Meaning the ground would in the direction of travel of the player.You would also have premade buildings,trees,and npcs.And you could modify those if you like.Like modify their textures and reshape the meshes while keeping the animations.

Well, you can get all you want premade. You just have to buy it. With unity and the asset library they offer you can make a generic game in a week.
Decent engine, asset packs, then making the game is “a bit scripting” and you got your 101-tunnel-shooter.

You’re basically just talking about using a level editor or making mods for an existing game. You can already do that. That’s not the same as “making a game.”

I mean opensource videogame assets already in the game engine.That you can modify as much as you like.I also mean that some of the content in the game egine would be made of modular parts you would put together in the game engine.Like parts for vehicles.You would be able to import your character you made in other software like blender and it would use the animation you select from a menue and place a armature with those aimations in it and automaticaly weight paint the character for you.It would also attach a script to control the character in game.But you have to select from a menue that says player or enemy.If you select enemny the enemy will attack the player automatically.If he or she don’t have a weapon they will attack the player with there hands.If they have a weapon they will fire the weapon.

With painting, a decent artist needs about ten years of experience. 5 minimum, unless they are a genius. 3-4 mins if all they make is those horrible forms of art like splashes and straight lines on paper that some folks shell out millions for. I can make a simple game in about 3-4 mins but would be a controversial item, and of course no one would shell out millions for the game, let alone millions shelling out a few pinga’s for the game. Just my thoughts. After all, Einstein can be credited for not knowing what destructive weapons will be used for world war 3, but world war 4 will definitely be fought with sticks and stones. With the power of todays computers and the imagination of the programmers and game designers, things are possible.

Well, you find someone who wants to make that system and all those assets and have at it.

Pynodes + drag and dropping scripts into them,

I will help when I can,

Get the newest “Hive” build and let me know when you have it compiled and running,


There are some engines out there like MIT’s scratch which almost makes game creation as easy as dragging and dropping pre-made art assets and logic blocks (at the cost that they are somewhat limited and can’t make 3D games).

In most cases, a game just has too many components to make it as easy as painting, with paint you can at least make a mess of paint scribbles with only a brush, some paint, and something to paint on, making a game so much as walk-around and collect and guess the number, need at least some rudimentary knowledge on creating game logic (even if you’re using Unity to make the same generic game that has been made thousands of times over).

Why can’t a game engine understand what we type and make the game for us.Humans do it why could not a game engines.You type the description of the videogame describing it as much as you like in the game engine and it will code it for you.It would also make the player,enemies,houses,vehicles and anyting else you describe.We have developed computer programs that understand what we type.So why would it not be possible.

It’s perfectly possible. It boils down to syntax, vocabulary, grammar and semantics.
When you script a game in one of this OOTB game engines, you do exactly what you want. You just don’t do it in English, but in a language you and the computer both are able to comprehend. A common denominator.

You might as well write one that understands school English or Russian, it’s just neither practical to use nor economical to develop.
Instead of using a huuuge vocabulary, you limit the vocabulary, kill most of the grammar and its becomes very easy to write something to interpret the language.


If it is day the sky is blue.
During day the sky is blue.
The sky has to be blue during day.
When it is day the sky has to be blue.
I would like the sky blue if it is day.
The sky appears blue during day.
The setting requires the sky to be blue during day.
The sky is blue.


if ( time.is_day() ) { world.setskycolor(‘BLUE’); }

Limited vocabulary, a formal grammar with structured syntax (form) and clear semantics (meaning, no ambiguity).

What do you think would be easier to interpret and compile? :wink:

If you want to know more about this I’d suggests to study computer sciences, or educate yourself starting with formal language theory.

It is not impractical or uneconomical for you to answer other people questions and help them.What makes it so impractical or uneconomical for a game engine to do it?

Written text can often be interpreted in several ways. People tend to have a way of knowing what the other person means, because we have a lot of experiences of different situations, and we use those as reference.

Take for example the simple sentence “I didn’t say she took his money”, which can have 7 slightly (and not so slightly) different meanings simply depending on which word is emphasized

Making a computer understand everything the same way a human would is probably possible, but it would require huge amounts of work, since written/spoken language isn’t always very logical, and there are a lot of exceptions.

Get millions and millions of dollars, get a “watson” or another synaptic computer,

get more millions to have him programmed… then tell him what you want…

EVEN if he understands you he still can not do it,

We “Create” by attempting solutions in our head and evaluating the result against our own goals I believe, and I just don’t think computers are there yet.

creativity is not yet possible in a machine, so…

why not learn to write games instead?

I believe that a game engine could be made to understand how it’s own code works.Maybe a program that can create other programs not like itself would be a good start.

The answer is already in my previous post you cynically quoted.

I feel Blender is already like that, I simply have to learn all the tricks to it. So far, I have gotten nearly everything I wanted out of it. I am still using 2.49b and I see no reason to switch. As for premade armatures, I have altered my system a few times over. Mostly redid the knees and elbows. I couldn’t do that using a rigid ready made system.

I know sometimes it is frustrating, especially for me while loops in blender seem hard to master, but it’s me that doesn’t understand them. The software is most likely fine.

Humans have brains. Game engines don’t.

Some computers have beaten people at chest.So they don’t need brains like humans.