Easily Subtract a somewhat complex shape from a mesh?

Hey guys, got a question, I’m looking to remove text from a bar and make it appear as though the bar has the text cut out of it.

Please PLEASE tell me, i don’t have to go in and physically make the bar and “write” the text out of it by editing vertices. That is so not my idea of a lot of fun :eek:.

Looking for a way to remove one shape from another by just about any means other than having to manually draw out the shapes and remove them. I’ve already had to draw out the shape editing vertices to make the design work more appropriately, and it was not a lot of fun.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


If you use the great package Inkscape and draw text cutout of a rectangle
in 2D. Export as plain.SVG import to blender as curve, then extrude.

There are ways to do this purely with Blender but more complex at present.

Have attached an example for your perusal.

Hope this helps?

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Blender Inkscape Result…blend (139 KB)

Much appreciated. I actually have an ai file for the logo I’m cutting out, and I’ve imported that (through inkscape for more reliable results) to blender and now I’m attempting the boolean difference tool which I found out about in my searches, if it’s doesn’t work. I’ll do as you suggest. Why I couldn’t have thought of that is beyond me.

Thanks for your help.


I would suggest staying clear of Blenders booleans. They produce
some rather nasty results.

With Curves and Extrude you can change the DefResolU to change
your vert/face count. Then ALT-C convert to mesh.

Just a thought.