Easy Emit

Usei o Easy Emit e funcionou muito bem na 1ª fase, mas quando tentei usa-lo na 2ª fase, não funcionou, como solucionar este problema? Se alguém puder me ajudar, agradeço, abraços!

Non mais on ne comprends rien, désolé :confused:

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Obrigado WKnight02.

Eu usei o Easy Emit e funcionou muito bem na 1ª etapa, mas quando tentei usá-lo na 2ª etapa, não funcionou, como resolver esse problema? Se alguém pode me ajudar, obrigado, abraços!

Perdoe-me se houver algum erro, porque usei o Google Tradutor

You pasted the wrong translation :slight_smile:

I don’t even know what is Easy Emit :confused:

Can you give us more details ?

  • what are you using ?
  • what are you doing ?
  • what are you expecting ?
  • what is actually happening ?

EasyEmit: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?241656

_Easy Emit is an addon, which makes fire and smoke.

As I said it is only working in the 1st stage or scene, I am leaving the link of a video on youtube, without audio, just to illustrate what I mean.

I’m making a game with a few stages.

I hope you can use the addon at all stages.

The Easy emit addon only works in the first phase.

Easy Emit doesn’t seem to be working

_Easy Emit is an addon that makes fire and smoke but is not working in more than one phase.

I’m playing a game with a few stages.

I hope the addon works at all stages.

The addon works in the 1st phase but does not work in the 2nd phase.

Below a video link, without audio, just to illustrate what I mean.

Stages? I don’t really understand what you mean…

The problem is the pixelated fire or that in the other scene it doesn’t work?

For me, I am getting an error saying that “bpy.data.scenes[0].particles” has no attribute ‘particles’

_The problem is that it does not work in other scenes, only in the 1st.

Hello people!
Are you having problems with Easy Emit?
Well, I like this add-on that I have used in several games that I have developed, the easiest easy issue seems not to be working on the current versions of the blender, but in April of this year I edited Easy Emit and solved the problem, it was just a code error that was updated in the current blender

If I have a wrong word, I’m sorry, I’m Brazilian. :slight_smile:

Here is the addon without the error:

_ Thanks, but Addon works perfectly in the 1st scene, but if you create 2nd scene, it does not work. That is the problem!


before, I did not know how to solve it, but now I know : D

the problem is in the layers, I ended up discovering that the addon generates some photos in the last layers, and when you generate another scene it generates new textures, but the addon will only work if you have the textures with the same name! : :slight_smile:

for example:
then you put the active addon, then the snow will generate the last layer textures with the names, so that you create another scene and put the addon, it will generate more, since it will generate with the name at the end of. 001,
to solve this, go to the selected selective scene 1 and to 2, get the textures of scene 1 and pull to 2 so that it works

did not understand?
watch my video how to solve:

Sorry, I’m Brazilian so the video is Brazilian, but maybe you understand just looking or with subtitles,

on video my voice is horrible, and looks like a child, but I’m not ok! or just think my voice on the microphone is horrible! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!
good development!

Thank you Rafael, it worked perfectly. incrible!!!
"I’ve been trying for over two years. Thanks !! Hug!

Welp! I’m still getting this:

Luiz Claudio dA
It’s ok! find out how to solve this problem 1 week before posting the video!

now I need help!

I’m having trouble adding a ragdoll,
and yes already tried to put it in group and add the group,
The problem is that ragdoll works perfectly, but at the moment of adding it, the character’s mesh no longer follows the ragdoll

I really need help, I’m developing a game that I really want ragdoll, I just need to add it!

Can someone help me by sending some example .blend? :frowning: