Easy Rigging in Blender 3D

The YouTube playlist:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTM1TE40Loc&list=PLvH-_5Bn5fqEhpShYvLQX3563zhZN6V0p

  1. Armature & Bones
  2. IK Rigging
  3. Armature Binding
  4. Foot & Leg IK Rigging

Hey everybuddy!
I’ve started a series on rigging for (you guessed it) Blender.
I though about the hardest things I had to learn when I began to rig, and how I made those difficult concepts dead easy for myself to understand. That’s what drives my teaching style.

Free tutorial series with more activities:
Follow this link ( https://goo.gl/cLo3Bi ) and create a profile, and you’ll be able to download the video work files, view extra process videos, take quizzes and enter social media challenges.

I hope this helps you on your creative journey!

Made with love,

Very good.

I have dropped critique to few tutorials previously, thought I’ll leave some positive comments for a change. It’s also easy, so many things done right in these tutorials so I just have to flip my critique around :slight_smile:

Clear audio. The audio levels across tutorials are off though, first is louder than the second and the fourth. Not as disturbingly different as in many others and the clarity is good, so might not need to adjust the volume while watching.

Clear teaching goals, no fumbling around (some would be acceptable), no attention whoring in the video titles with uppercase words and clickbaits, and the description even has links to different parts. Clearly a lot of work has been done to plan and produce those.

The only slight mix of words I noticed was when parenting the mesh to the armature where the point was made the order is important, was done in right order, but said “parent armature to the mesh”. Happens, and doesn’t take away from the tutorial.

Fast speech in the beginning of the videos and the pacing with the foot rig setup might receive some negative comments at some point. Could be a bit hard to follow especially for someone whose first language isn’t english. It’s not mine either but I can understand it fine, but I’m not a new Blender user so could be very different to someone else.

Anyway, nice work. Thank you for making quality tutorials available.

Really nice tutorial series – thanks for doing these.

Thank you JA12 - I’ll try to better control the sound levels across videos (I feel like I actually need a better mic).
I appreciate your honest feedback, and am happy to hear your genuine positivity as well.

Safetyman - thank you!

You’re welcome. Although not sure if that has to cost you in the form of new microphone. The clarity is good, I can hear you, so that already is much better than many other youtube “tutorials”.

I don’t know your setup or if you do audio processing before adding it to the video, and I’m no expert about this stuff, but thought I list a few things that come to mind in case it somehow helps you or someone else:

Recording levels should never peak. The rudimentary eq display in microphone settings should be enough to check that. Peaks would cause clipping and there aren’t any in the tutorial videos so far. Getting the levels across videos could be good enough by adding a reference audio clip in the editor you’re using and just listening to both with headphones. An eq display or a waveform would give a number but it doesn’t have to be that precise.

The microphone you have now might be cancelling noise and/or echo automatically, you might be further away from the mic in different situations, which might explain the difference. Curtains closed, a blanket behind you and a couple of high-tech noise cancellation pillow-2000’s around the mic might do some good if you’re recording in an echoing/noisy room. Improvised soundproofing without actually building diy stuff, or paying big penny for professional gear, which might not even help

Identifying where the echo comes from and has to be blocked depends on the room you’re in, where the mic is in that room, and which directions the mic itself pics up sound. It does improve sound quality and there probably is a no cost solution to it.

Some use a walk in closet as a sound booth and that seems to work well. But using that might give you remarks from others about being closeted, or finally coming out of the closet. Those could be answered with a death stare and telling how fabulous Blender is https://i.giphy.com/media/s2qXK8wAvkHTO/200.gif

Haha, oh no! Guess I have to work on my death stare :]

Thanks for these resources and tips, I’ll take a look and apply where applicable.