Easy Shaders [WIP]

hello guys ,

i have been working on this addon from last 4-to 6 months , its yet not ready , but here is a progress

for now here is a list of the things it can do

  • Generate AO maps
  • Generate Edge maps
  • Add masks
  • Add grunge textures to mask
  • Paint on individual layers

Here is a one example video in action

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Why don’t you use principled shader to have the result in material mode ?

it is principal shader , here how it works at back end

one principal shader , connected with mask, paint ,ao,and edge maps, each time when we press add new material on the template list , it will create another simple node network and connect it with our principal shader ,
thus in the end i am planning to add ‘create simple shader’ button which will extract color, specular and normal images from node network and then assign it to principal shader and create a simple shader

you are one of the best coder out there and i admire you a lot man , do let me know what do you think about it

This looks very nice.

Nice! Keep in mind the need for a high quality edge masking (something as the curvature-dirt and decay masks of Substance painter). It is still one of the most needed things in Blender. ‘Pointiness’ like curvature detecting features are good but they are highly insufficient in detecting sharp edges on objects (especially in low poly meshed ones). An edge detecting feature which works according to edge degrees would be great!

The videos below can be very helpful in understanding what is meant:

Oh the masks for curvature, AO and grunge are pretty well done here. A lot of work must have gone into that UI. I even spotted a bump slider. This actually looks really promising.
Too bad the 2.79 viewport isn’t quite there yet with its fake lighting, but this is definitely better than nothing until we get 2.8.

About the edge detection: If the built-in detection isn’t precise enough, maybe check out how the “Edge Wear” and “OSL Improved Pointiness” assets on the blendermarket are doing it.

Wilmote I am aware of all those ‘edge wear’ and ‘osl improved pointiness’ tries. They are nice tries but they remain insufficient. There is a need for a tool that will gather all those kind of workings (endowed with much more parameters) in one place… so that they may be applied easily in conjunction with other shading parameters too.

I think that the add-on here is constituting a very appropriate environment for the inclusion of such features. It could be an all in one solution regarding such aspects in shading.