Easy shadow art with new colored shadows in SVN (new link)

I basically made a geometric mesh behind the camera, shined a light on a surface, and then had several shadow only lamps with different shadow colors make shadows with the mesh.

The result is an interesting work with geometric shadows. Added the painted effect in PSP 7 because I think it makes it a little more interesting.:slight_smile:

Let it to CD to make abstract art with new features. You always have these off the wall ideas for your renders… I mean it in a flattering way of course.

CD – check out the lamp texture buttons. You can map textures to the shadows, too.

cant see the image…

Me neither.

It appears Imageshack is down and could be for an extended period, put up the link to the image in my gallery instead.

Hey Harkyman! Congrats on getting the shadows patch into SVN! Any news on the new filters you were working on?