Easy Tree Making with "bpy" Only.

I tried to create a tree by beginning with a basic mesh.
So, I took circles with extrusion to first make a simple branch.
Next step was to make a Big Branch, wich is actually the tree trunc, and then create simple branches
on the surface of the tree trunk.
The script is pretty simple, and it was one of my first tests, after 6 months of learning python and blender.

More Details on my page :


Interesting, but judging by that trees trunk size I would say it’s about to fall over :stuck_out_tongue: - Looks good though, the branches and the overall shape of the tree is great! Keep working on it please.

Or if you wanna be hardcore see if you can add new features to the IvyGen addon hint hint - Just partially kidding >.>

Yeah, for that case, it’s true, but it is possible to change parameters to have bigger trunk, and even smaller tree if you want.
It’s all in the parameters.
You can find the script on the link above. :wink:

looks very interesting, i like the shape of branches.can you post the script here to download(i cant get it frm your page).

Here is the direct link to the image. Copy the Description wich is the Python Script.

Save it in txt file and open it in Blender text editor.


You have the direct link of the image with description wich is actually the Python Script.
Just Copy and Paste on Blender’s Text Editor.
The Tree is then automatically created with ‘Alt P’ (mouse pointing on the text).