Easy way to scale uv and tiled texture

So I went about things the wrong way and scaled my uv’s rather than tiling my texture, is there a way i can convert the uv’s down to a normal size while maintaining the look of the way the texture is tiled on the model? I need to combine some materials to save some draw calls and I really don’t want to have to start from scratch. Included some pictures of the way I have the texture looking and how the UV’s are setup. Just looking to get the UV down to a normal size, so I can combine materials.

Hmmm, your building very boxy, so it would be fairly easy to do some (new) overlapping UV texture like:

its more so the time table to get it done. does blender keep track of the UV scale in terms of meters? im looking for a quick and dirty solution to take what is there now and automatically shrink the uv down while maintaining that tile scale.

UV’s are just 2D-coordinates (even negative, so there is no normal size), sometimes only in the interval [0,1] (game engnie?). Of course you can also just add other UV’s for other wood pieces, if you only want to use it in blender…

What I am trying to do is combine materials and atlas and that is where i am running into issues because i was scaling uv outside bounds to reuse materials.

Maybe someone could help you better, if you exactly say why this is a problem. For example: Target is a game engine ? Textures are limited in end product ?? As i stated you rhouse is very simple, so maybe re-map? If you for example want the inner part with another wood texture and share the texture, you have to put all of your UVs for example into the left side… This would change the texture on the model in position. the image i posted shows, that overlapping might be a solution, but then the structure will be badly readable. You cannot just scale the UVs into ([0,1],[0.1]), because then your image has to be BIG.
Again, maybe some UVstacking is posibile :

its going into unity for a vr. so trying to get draw calls down so i need to cut down on total materials, so I want to atlas to cut down and when uv are out of scale I have yet to find a tool that can do it properly. Not atleast without redoing the UV and scaling textures instead. Im trying to avoid redoing UVs.

Decreaseing draw calls while rearranging UV’s… ??? You just can reduce textures, but i already showed how to do by overlapping and not arrangeing side by side, so as you said:

So if you want to share textures for outer wood, inner wood, black steel, oven door and whatever you have to assign the UVs accordingly. And since this discusion is two days old, your shown wood textrue would be rearranged… No addon can read you mind… but wanted it an other way… :man_shrugging: or as an famous captain would say: Do it so. :wink: