EasyEmit in Blender 2.75a Help

Hi, can somebody tell me why the EasyEmit add-on doesn’t work in blender game 2.75a, and if somebody has solved this problem.
i really want this add-on because is very good. Help me please:o

I will send you the .zip. Extract it in your 2.75/scripts/addon folder;)

Remember - extract to the script folder(for Linux Ubuntu it is ~/.config/blender/2.75/scripts/addons but may vary on different OSes, but you must know where it is for you.
And make sure it is easyEmit folder there with contents.


easyEmit.zip (144 KB)

thank you very much

No problem! Basicly there had to be changed just 2 lines of code and all. And of course - make all files to be placed correctly in folders…

Please leave your email address, I will send detailed instructions to you, it’s pretty long.

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