Ecclesia (World Screenshots and NPCs, & Animals)

After I finished Carlos Quest, my BGMC 17 entry, I wanted to expand my RPG skills, it took me forever to come up with an idea, but in May I had it. I started making concept art and a storyline for it way back then. But never started developing it, cause I didn’t think I would be able to make it by myself. Well when this BGMC came around I said “forget it, I’ll do it now!”

Only one problem, I don’t know if it will fall under the 30MB requirements, it is currently at 19MB, with a couple of more characters to add (relatively simple ones).

Ecclesia is a Christian-Themed, Legend of Zelda type game.
The main Character is named, Ecclesia of course…and well, that’s enough story for now…you’ll see.

It looks great, but the idea of the BGMC is to make all the content during the one week.
If you did, that’s fine, but you can’t submit a game you’ve been working on already…
There are other types of competition for that. A game jam is about making something simple, from scratch in a very short amount of time.

It is possible to make a mini version of a game you’ve been working on, for example my game is going to use static sprites rendered from models I already have from another project combined with code that’s freely available on line and is common to other games of the type. Or in other cases you can just use stuff from google images or model repositories on the web.

I started this week. I planned this whole project in word documents months ago, and when I saw this competition, I just decided to start. I made the concept art a long time ago, but that was the only thing.

To me that sounds like it should be ok if he joins, but in the end sdfgeoff will have to decide.
To give some feedback: i think the characters look good, but I think they would look even better without the specular. Makes the models look wet and strange. Also your filesize seems to be unreasonalby high for 2 characters. Try to fit each character into only one texture with a resolution of 1024*1024 and have only one material for each character. That should help if you are currently using multiple materials and textures.

Yup, pre-planned games are fine. Only content has to be made within the week.

I’m liking the look of your images. Top quality.
Maybe try variance shadows on your sun lamp, as it will make the pixels a little less noticeable.

If you want to upload a blend, we can have a look and see what’s taking so much space. Quite often it’s the fault of unused textures or meshes.
Also try going “Save As” and looking for the “compress” tickbox.

In case you haven’t seen the final game in the “Finished Games” section, it is here

Although I didn’t respond, I took all of your comments in consideration…and I gotta say, it helped a TON!!! Thanks!
More Screenshots, download the game here, download the Standalone version here


Here’s the gameplay walkthrough. :smiley:

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You’re definitely giving the game engine a good name. Good job and good luck.

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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!!!

Lemme know whatcha think!

Shiny trousers!!!
I’d consider toning down the highlight on them.

Otherwise, looking really good.

Too shiny every part. He looks wet or oily. I would tone it down a bit too. But still, really good job!

Edit: I would lower the intensity of one of the shades on the material so it wouldn’t appear so bright as it does.

i played the Your Demo and i would say that its quite hard ey especially when it comes to Navigation.
But Nice work adrian120396


I’m still working on a name for her, I don’t want my NPC’s to be a bunch of Unknowns.

I’m glad you have not forgotten about your game. Good luck making it better.

Thanks Nicholas! I will keep working till this is done!

Here are some more updates and screenshots, showcasing some new features:

Woooooooowwwwww under water man mann thats awesome.
Man iam so hyped i can’t wait for the final Game …
Is it going to be for free?


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