This is a game i made a while ago but never posted. Its Called Eclypse (y intentional).its only 1 level. Please check it out :wink: heres a quick screen:

Very nice work! It looks quite professional!

I don’t know why you gave up on this game. It plays well, it looks good and it works. unfortunately I couldn’t get very far because I broke my left hand, and can’t press the x button fast enough because of it.

man i can’t play cause it’s a .rar :frowning: looks cool though :smiley:

woah! i cant test now cause im on wii, but dang from the screenshot, it looks really REALLY awesome! You should totally continue it.

very slick, I gotta say.
are you still/gonna work on it more? 'cause I got me a few crits (…'cause I’m a pessimist, so I always look for the problems XP)

Is a awsome game, i like the arcade style, contratz man :smiley:

That is very nice, plays very well. Can’t wait to see more from you.

That was a great game! I would suggest doing something about the credits in the end, they seemed very jerky. And keep up the good work I hope you make more of this game.

What’s your OS? If it’s Windows, I highly recommend 7-zip.

I started work on another game, but if you guys Like this i might as well continue. Thanks for the feedback! I’m still working on the storyline so if you have any input i’m all for it!
If you want to see the blends just open the .lvl, .map and .menu files in blender. I suggest not using the music though because i stole it from the sims 2 (fits nicely) and i don’t want any of you guys getting in trouble. Do you find the sliding a bit annoying or should i just leave it? And Character ideas!! I’m dead at the moment for anything really cool, so if you think of any mega man style transformations please let me know! Thanks again everyone!

If anyone feels up to it, could you glitch check? I’m doing a stabilization first, and another set of eyes can be useful.I need to clean up the programing a bit before i keep going. Thanks again! it runs smoother in 2.46 so far

Wow, this is a very nice game, very well done. Although, I found the air enemies kinda hard to kill since you had to stop flying to hit them, but that could just be me. Also, I found it kind of hard to fly upward at times…but again, it could just be me. I really liked the graphics, much better than I could do :o.

Why not? If you’re on windows, use 7zip. On any modern Linux distro just use unrar e Eclypse.rar. I’m sure Mac would have some equivalent (7zip?).

Once unziped just open the map file in blender like Matt mentioned.

Matt this is awesome! Please continue!

I’d be interested in helping out with characters here. I’m quite decent at character design if I say so myself. You can see some 2D stuff I did for Secret Maryo Chronicles (a Mario style game) at . Just remember it’s mimicing their style, and I’d aim to do stuff that matched your style here.

I’m still learning the blender side, but you can see from my avatar / other posts where that’s up to so far.

Anyway, just let me know what you’d like if you’re interested.

(BTW, I’m actually in Ontario, too! :D)

Very very cool. I 'bout crapped myself when the rocket boosters kicked in and then again when I got the weapon and armor powerup. This is HQ classic gaming Goles! As for transformations, how about some Doc Oc style robot tentacles?


Top notch stuff! This is the most fun I’ve had with a blender game in a while. The music is great = ) Please continue this.

Definitely worth the 31 MB download!

Good luck on your future projects!

Ok guys after exams ill be starting to re-program this a bit to make it more stable. if there is there anything you would like me to try and change or any glitches you have found, please let me know.thanks. And i love the Doc Oc idea! :rolleyes:

quite incredible :slight_smile:

Don’t roll your smiley face eyes at me!! All right, so maybe not Doc Oc how about a disporportionatley huge mechanical arm? Or buzz saw hands? I best shut up now, I could go on like this for awhile. So, how boot it, eh?

This is a professional Blender game I think.
Maybe with detailed graphics it can be sell I think.
(But the graphics is good I think.)