ED Source Files (Bulk download)

I’ve been interested in trying to download the ED source files from the link below…

“Or the entire production files in one set (USA).”

It says in one set, but it’s a whole maze of files, folders and subfolders.

Is it possible to use an FTP program or something to download the files into a folder on my computer?

I’d very much like to sit at my own leisure and sift through some of the .blends and show them to friends and discuss. But that’s not easily done when it resides entirely online. :frowning:

If it can’t be done, no probs. Was only curious.

(And I ain’t got the cash to buy the DVD, before anyone says anything. :p)

Ahh, could this be it:


I visited that last link and went to the parent directory. There’s a tarball in there. Good chance that’s what I’m looking for. :smiley:

We’ll see when it downloads. (All 1.1GB of it :eek:)

I hope you arent on dial up.

Nah, 4Mb/s broadband ;). Worth the wait. Been looking at the files on and off during the evening. Stunning stuff. :slight_smile:

Worth what wait? I’ve got 1.5Mbps (megabits) down, and I get 150kbps (kilobytes) down.

That’s not uberfast compared to some, but it’s also fast enough to downlaod most ~1gb stuff in under two hours. That’s not a “wait” at all!!

Why the bold-type??? If it’s to point out the difference between bits and bytes, then I know that (a bit being and eighth of a Byte and all that jazz). If you were trying to teach me something, you should have typed 150KB/s or 150KBps or 150kB/s, instead of using all lower-case letters - since bits are lowercase b and bytes are upper-case B. :wink:

But thanks for the lesson. And yes, 4Mb/s isn’t much, but I can average around 470KB/s per download. Of course that’s assuming the host server isn’t being swamped and throttling the available download bandwidth.

When I tried some single files it was throttling to around 150KB/s, but luckily when I found the tarball all was good. Think I had the file downloaded in about 45mins (a minute is a 60th of an hour :wink: btw).

Of course whilst this was going on I was listening to internet radio and surfing so the bandwidth available was a non-constant, and somewhat fluctuating variable. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s all good. I have the source files and I’ll repeat what I said before, stunning stuff. :eek: :D:D:D

I bought the DVD… but I don’t have a DVD drive… :frowning:
So I gotta find it online somewhere also, I think.

That second link I posted, points to a tarball that has the same source project files. It’s 1.1GB, so if you have a decent connection it’s worth it. :wink: