Edge crease is giving me round edges and weirdness

Im starting to get grips on this whole subsurf modifier and using edge crease to create sharp corners. But im still having some issues with create insets with sharp edges… I create an inset, and select the edges of the face, and the edges that wehere create by the inset. THen i edge crease these edges. Then i select the face again and extrude it into the shape. Then I select the edges that where created by the extruding action and edge crease them.

However, when i turn my subsurf on… the shape still has some rounding in the front. .So im not edge creasing something right…but what ? And the thing is…sometimes I get it right…sometimes im not… so it must be something small…

Furthermore, Im also getting some weirdness when I do this sometimes? it thought its because my surface might night be flat,but it also happens somethimes right in the middle of a test rectangle i created…? What could this be?

Edge creasing works for me on the structure like that and in shown configuration. But I don’t work with cropped screenshots, so won’t take guesses why it doesn’t work for you and why the shown edges are blue instead of the default purple for creases.

looks like you have some duplicated faces under the mesh, you can try Ctrl E and remove doubles, or go to wireframe view and try to select and delete the faces under the mesh

I can’t replicate this. Have you tried dragging verts around to make sure you don’t have extra faces or something?

Thanks for replying guys

The reason for the color of my creases is because i have a different theme that Im using.

Removing the doubles, fixed the first problem I had with the roudness.

Still remains the second problem though… Not sure where that is coming from. Is it because the face might not be entirely flat due to subsurfing?

you still likely have extra geometry that wasn’t eliminated by remove doubles.

That’s the normal display when you have both the original mesh and the subsurf output displaying at the same time. It’s going to do this anywhere in a transition from a curve to a flat where the original and subsurf geometry intersect.