Edge Flip

I’m wondering, anyone can explain what pattern of behaviour follows the Mesh->Faces->Edge Flip operator? I can easily see that it only works when adjacent triangles are selected, but what does it do exactly? Can it be just say that it simply keeps changing topology until we see a nice one?


The wiki entry

This command will cycle between all possible combinations of triangles inside a selected island of faces. Each time you apply it, a new organization is proposed (but always with the same number of triangles), until you have seen all, then it returns to the initial state, etc.

In an island of only two triangles, there are only two possibilities, and this tool does exactly the same thing as edge rotating…

Of course, for this tool to work, there must be islands of at least two adjacent triangles in the selection – quads and FGons are completely ignored here!

Woo! I was there but I missed it! Thanks!!