edge lenght in 38042 ? valid

i made a triangle in viewport and set the base width = 10

but when i got into edti mode and check the dimensions it does not fit the edges ?

is this a bug?

i did try to apply location but did not change values ?


No this is not a bug. This is due to blender thinking that the object itself is scaled not the individual vertices. Doing something like that should always be done in edit mode. However, a way around this is to press Alt+S to apply the scale of it.

well i miss read in 2.5

cause in 2.49 when you do a Ctrl-A it will do it for scale and rotation together

but it is not done the same way in 2.5 only one at a time
and the first one which is the default is not the scale you have to select the second one
and then it works fine

just a matter of getting used to it i guess!LOL

happy 2.5