Edge Loop Select Shortcut on Linux

On Kubuntu (Breezy/Dapper/Edgy), the Alt+RMB doesn’t work for edge-loop selection. I have to pick a vertex and use CTRL+E and Edge Loop Select after selecting one edge. This works fine under Windows. Is there another shortcut for Linux or does this sound like a bug?

It’s not a bug, but a lot of linux window managers steal the Alt key in combination with the mouse buttons to perform their own actions. In which case you need to tell your window manager to not do it, or (if that’s not possible) use the workaround that you mentioned.

I’m not familiar with that Distro (I use Slack), but:

KDE: kcontrol has options in Desktop>>Window Behaviour>>Window Actions that you can use to change/disable to make it not steal the alt key.

XFCE: Add the line “easy_click=false” (without quotes) to the HOME/.config/xfce4/xfwm4/xfwm4rc file (you may need to create it) and then restart the window manager.

Gnome: Beats me, I’ve never used gnome, but I’m willing to bet they offer something similar.

Thanks for the tips. I use KDE so I will give that a shot later tonight.

Yup. kcontrol did the trick. Switched the Modifier key from Alt to Meta (don’t know what Meta key is anyways).

alt+shift right click