Edge Loop

Hi, so I’m doing the pumpkin tutorial from CG Cookie and at the very first he has you add a sphere, then goes into edit mode, deletes 3/4 of the sphere, and then adds a 3 loop cuts to the sphere. I can add the loop cut but mine ends at the last edge loop of the top and bottom of the sphere (if that makes sense). The loop cut will not continue to the very top and bottom where the vertices merge. Tried everything. Why? Any help is appreciated.

A triangle or ngon is not part of a loop so it will terminate a loop cut. You need a loop of quads.

On the tutorial, how is he able to add the loop cut so that it extends the entire height of the sphere?

An edge loop will wrap an entire mesh as long as the quads you are trying to bisect remain uninterrupted.
Check to see that you did not inadvertently delete any faces from the center ring of faces on the sphere.

Tried just going into the sphere with out changing or deleting anything and adding the loop cut, but to no avail. I’ve gotten around it by deleting the merged vertices on either end of the sphere and the extruding and scaling in the edges and then merging so that there is a edge loop at the very top of the sphere. Not sure how he does it on the tutorial. He basically adds a sphere, deletes 3/4 of it and then adds the loop cuts. The cuts clearly extend to the top and bottom where the vertices merge.

That tutorial uses an extremely old version of blender. The current version does ‘proper’ edge loop cuts

To replicate the effect you could select an edge ring (Ctrl+Alt+RMB) and subdivide (W / subdivide). In the toolshelf or F6 you would then enable the Quad/Tri mode tickbox.

Alternatively do the ad edge loop and then select the vertex at the end of the loop with the top centre vertex and press J to split the face

That worked! Thanks - appreciate the help.