edge loops and topology


After my last question i see my topology of my model really sucks. I have edge loops that should continue around my object but they dont they just stop half way. Im trying to correct the problem but i dont know if its possible to join existing vertices to my edge loop so that the loop continues? How do i do this, is there a simple command?

I want to continue with the model i made and not start from scrap. Will this be possible.


Screenshots would help. About connecting vertices, you could select 2 verts and hit J, but this might/probably mess up your topology even more. Screenshots help.


Heres a screenshot. As ull see on the left side is a head with a edge loop round the eye that just stops. I need it to continue over the bridge of the nose.

thanks for quick reply. lisa

Edge loops can be stopped by any non quad face in their way around. That can be some triangle or n-gon. While triangles are easy to spot, n-gons usually hide their presence and show up if you specially search for them (Select menu has options on T-panel) or try to do operations like loopcut.
While it is possible to model using only quads, sometimes this can take too much effort so leaving some triangle where it wont make trouble later on is acceptable afaik.
To correct your mesh, start with looking at where loop does stop - if it is a triangle or n-gon. If that’s n-gon subdivide it as you see fit selecting two opposite vertices and hitting J. Deleting some face and recreating it a bit differently also might help.
And there is no Easy button for that… unfortunately. But it isn’t too hard either.

Edit: Seeing image seems like remove doubles and adjust a little bit threshold on t-panel might help.

Or delete red edges :

thank u for ur reply. its helped so far. What i now cant work out was ur tip “n-gons usually hide their presence and show up if you specially search for them (Select menu has options on T-panel)”

Ive got the select menu in T panel but cant work out how this shows up the N-gons, can someone explain?


It’s menu Select -> Select faces by Sides;
then put the number on t-panel:
“EqualTo”, " 3"- triangles;
“Greater Than” and “4” for all n-gons.

Also, LoopTools addon is great for mesh relaxing, spreading dense vertices on some curve- selected edges. I would suggest checking on that.

To me it looks like there is 5-edge pole on both ends of the edge loop. There already is a face loop around so I’m not sure why you want to have another one at that point of cleaning process but you could perhaps use that to move those poles inward.
That does three things: even out the face size around the eye, cut long quads between the eyes, and make that loop continuous like you asked.

From left:

  • poles
  • select edges around, edge slide on top of the inside edges,
  • select all, W -> remove doubles
  • loop cut another one.

Edit: in any case, could you please post screenshots so that the relevant details are clearly visible and/or the relevant .blend file. I got that one from the other thread you posted but at least a link to that would be helpful when jumping from thread to another just to try to help someone.

Hallo, thank u for all ur reply.

Im still struggling with with trying to get rid of loop cuts with poles in in the middle of my object.

Here is a screenshot of a loop cut i tried to move as suggested by JA12. But the vertices don’t line up with loop cut under it so it seems impossible to get rid of it this way. What i wonder is can i not merge it in some way with loop cut above or below?

I know i can delete the loop and rebuild it, but without merging i cant get rid of the two poles.

JA12 asked for my blend file. Well here it is.

topoligy 3.blend (622 KB)

Please any ideas on how i should proceed are welcome.


Try matching this:

You’ll notice that this mesh is a lot less dense than yours is. This is a good thing when you are trying to get your topology straightened out. The fewer verts you have to work with, the easier it is to see what to do and the faster it goes. Don’t be afraid to just delete loops from your mesh and not bother to replace them at this time. If you need them later, they are easy enough to add with the loop cut tool… if your topology is good.