Edge Loops and triangle creation on base mesh.

Hi, new to Blender (about a week old) and I’m curious to why this happens. Basically I’m trying to extrude a face to create legs for the model (which is fine) but when I go to create 3 edge loops on the leg, it creates triangles on the inside thigh.

Is it because I have a raised edge there? Have I create more vertices than it can handle (so it wants to create triangles). I’m following a tutorial by Jonathan Williamson and of course, his edge loops goes all around the leg.

Can I ask how to rectify it. I want to do it right as I’m wanting to do this for a short trailer/animation project so I’m trying to learn the basics and theory as I go.

hi and welcome to blender!

the problem is (at least to me) not visible in your screens.
attaching your blendfile here would help.

First thing to always check is if you have and double vertices. If you have remove them (select all vertices, W / remove doubles).

Thanks - I’ll give that a try tonight. I did think of uploading the blend file - just need a good place to host it :).

I think this place is going to be awesome. So many ideas - so little talent (me that is :)).

There uploaded - Clickhere

You Sir are a genius - Although I’m sure I tried that before, but I’m not going to complain - the edge loops go all around the legs. I’ll have to read up on what the remove doubles does (I take it’s where vertices overlap when they join)

Remove doubles uses a certain threshold (Variable, in the tools bar) and merges those verts into one. Removing any redundant faces or edges with it. Usually helping some of those common problems that many noobs have :slight_smile: (I’ll be honest, happens to the best of us, not just noobs)