Edge loops causing "cracks" on mesh surface


I started to notice today while working on a sofa for an architectural render that i got weird cracks all over the mesh (i noticed first when i was done with the mesh: when it was finished being modeled, sculpted and textured).
So i thought it was something i have done wrong somewhere along the way. I did the sofa again… and still the same result.
I then tried the following with a simple cube mesh.
What i did to it:

  1. added edge loops + a subsurf / multires modifier (one or the other / not used both at the same time – same issue).
  2. shaded mesh smooth
  3. applied everything: scale, loc, rot.
  4. unwrapped the mesh
  5. recalculated normals
  6. flipped faces
  8. used a basic lightning setup with light emitting from several planes
  9. this artifacts are appearing as far as i see when i use “Rendered” option to navigate in the viewport freely. From the camera point of view i do not see (as far as i can see) that this type of artifacts appear.
  10. Using cycles, blender version 2.71.

I noticed that where there are edge loops - being added manually or added by the subsurf/multires modifier i have the same issue.

PLease HELP with an answer - i never seen this issue before this day… or at least i did not pay much attention to it.


Your screenshots are not very communicative. It looks like your method may have added Ngons. Seem to remember a similar problem with rendered and ortho, are you viewing in rendered mode in perspective, see if it goes away.
If you can’t show the problem a little better I recommend you upload a file to www.pasteall.org/blend and link to it here.

Looks like it was because i was viewing the mesh from the ortho mode and not from perspective.
When i have switched between the 2 the “cracks” did not showed up in perspective mode. Also neither in the render :).

Rookie mistake - i was working many hours and did not notice i was in ortho instead of persepctive.

And to clarify - it - i had a cube and added edge loops to prep it for sculpting. So i have added edge loops and also a multires modifier (subdivided 3 times).

Thanks DruBan !

You have applied rotation and scale, and unified the normals. One more troubleshooting tool I use is Remove Doubles. Any time I have whacky looking mesh, I Remove Doubles.

This issue should be due to orthographic view, or to the camera being too close to the subject.


sometimes that can happen from setting ray(mirror) depth ridiculously high.

Glad it’s working. That issue is a bug that never quite goes away!