Edge Loops on Face/Head Models

Well, I’m relatively new to this whole head-modeling thing. Before starting modeling heads last Thursday, I never really made much, the most advanced thing I’d made was probably a cruddy blade. :o Admittedly, I never knew before this that you could have inspiration to model things, and it’s only recently that I’ve really felt it was the newest frontier of art. I was really inspired by the DA2 Destiny trailer, and after doing a lot of searching felt it was something I really wanted to get into. I’d already been fooling around in Blender for a while, just testing out things, making meshes for Oblivion, and making random objects just to see if I could.

Having that said, I just started modeling heads seriously recently, and I draw my own references. I think having that knowledge of human faces from drawing them for… oh… 5-7 years or so has really helped me grasp the concept of what goes where and what doesn’t belong.

So, this is the head model that I made. I made it yesterday, and before that was working on another head. However that other head just didn’t seem right to me, I didn’t like it and thought it looked too awkward, so I tried again. I’d been trying to tweak that other head to perfection every so often since last Thursday. That head before the current one was the first one I’d ever made knowing about edge loops, not using triangles, and what in the world a “pole” or whatever the person called it is. I’d watched a tutorial for that one.

For this one I referenced an Edge Loops video and watched bits and pieces of the tutorial videos, except for the ears, for which I watched the whole video, this is my first time ever attempting an ear.

The only issue is, I don’t feel that my mesh edge-loops “flow” very well. I moved vertices around to change this model’s appearance so that he looked more like the picture I drew, but I don’t know if that was a mistake or not.

Any Constructive Criticism or Comments would be great! I want to get as good as I can at this.

What I really think needs improving mostly are the edge loops, but I don’t know how to do so.

Thanks so much for reading, and a double thank you if you post to try and help me out! :yes: