Edge Masks - Procedural Smart Masks For Blender

Hello !
Edge Masks - Procedural Smart Masks For edges in Blender
12 Mask Group To be Used as Fac in Mix Shader
Free on my gumroad
Making This wouldn’t Be Possible Without Great Tips From Erindale Woodford (Erindale.xyz)
and in some masks used some tips and inspired by Sai Charan (just 3D things) - Kushiro - Sanctus
works With Cycles Only
Hope You Like it


The V2 update For Blender Edge Masks is out!
This Update Features :
1- Eevee Compatible Masks
2- a New Grunge Mask Eevee masks are based on Geo nodes so they need blender ≥ 3.5 and they aren’t as great as Cycles’s but they work !
(it’s a free Product)
Just go download the Edge Masks V2 blender File and you are good to go! https://alaaeldien.gumroad.com/l/lzqZZF