Edge node in 2.8?

Hello everyone!

I always found that Edge node looked a lot better than Freestyle to render toon shaded images in blender, but since BI goes the way of the Dodo with 2.8, I was wondering if there was any plans on porting it to Cycles, or even Eevee?

Test rendered with a model found on Blendswap!

Edge node is there on Cycles and I believe also on EEVEE

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Hello, and thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

I tried pretty much all the setup out there, none really works, in this case its a material that need to be applied to all the meshes, while edge node is a compositing process that works on the whole scene, also, this method does not produce shadows, and you need a whole object for the edge detection to work, while edge node does not!

hey thanks to your topic I did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA0YNbDJf5c

so this is using edge detection and we can switch to wireframe node too…
the difference between the 2 pictures before is mainly due to the overlay option I changed.
this is an option which allows to take more or less edges into account. and you have to set the autosmooth angle too. to have a mix with the overlay option as in the second picture

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can you upload a sample file for latest nodes setup
looks interesting

happy bl

you mean a blend file? edge color wireframe.blend (1.8 MB)

this is important to use shade smooth and autosmooth with a little angle (maybe around 5°)

GCharb is there a way -a node setup- of detecting only the convex or the concave edges? As all we know this is some important need for being able to apply separately edge wear effect (in convex edges) and dirt effect (in concave edges).


can this nodes be modified to work in 2.79 too ?

I got an error on the normal node in the group of nodes

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