Edge node in 2.8?

(GCharb) #1

Hello everyone!

I always found that Edge node looked a lot better than Freestyle to render toon shaded images in blender, but since BI goes the way of the Dodo with 2.8, I was wondering if there was any plans on porting it to Cycles, or even Eevee?

Test rendered with a model found on Blendswap!

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #2

Edge node is there on Cycles and I believe also on EEVEE

(GCharb) #3

Hello, and thanks for the reply, much appreciated!

I tried pretty much all the setup out there, none really works, in this case its a material that need to be applied to all the meshes, while edge node is a compositing process that works on the whole scene, also, this method does not produce shadows, and you need a whole object for the edge detection to work, while edge node does not!