Edge Rendering taken out of 2.5 ?!

first off, I didn’t want to post this in the main 2.5 development thread, because its not informing anyone of a new development, per-se, in 2.5. Plus I don’t want to contribute to crowding a thread like that any more than it need be.

I tested one of my blends with the “classic/current” blender internal edge rendering method. The scene renders nicely, the edges were there in the composite output, and it rendered VERY QUICKLY compared to 2.49a. I could see the edges in the output, but not in the render settings properties panel.

I’ve heard rumors and mentions on the forums of the current method/style of edge rendering being dropped from 2.5. This notion troubles me, because such an abandoning of the current edge rendering method would break MANY of my blends and node comps for entire projects.

I hope this is just a feature that hasnt been coded into the 2.5 interface yet. Please devs please don’t drop the current edge rendering. If it isn’t going to be dropped, please pardon this babble on my part :slight_smile:

Can anyone verify that the current edge rendering will or won’t be included in 2.5? I have hundreds of blends that depend on using the current edge rendering in my comp layouts(as well as other areas of the blends). I know I’m not alone here. Please post here if you too need the current edge rendering method to be carried into 2.5, for the sake of compatibility, it’s and its usefullness in the compositor, and finally its style(I agree that freestyle also rocks! But I too like the internal edge rendering method).

I got this reply when posting this information on the FreeStyle thread in the BA forum:

Please, anyone with a valid argument to keep the current internal edge rendering, post your thoughts on a workflow that you use that would require the current iteration of edge rendering, hopefully the devs will hear you out too.

Can freestyle present in the node compositor a per-pixel z-depth pass that is at least as accurate as the internal edge-rendering pass? Can freestyle function without crashing every other render, not for me, not in my blends or comps. Once it is stable, and with a bit more development, I don’t doubt that it will become not only the premier edge rendering method in blender, but perhaps grow within the indusry!

Again, I use freestyle often, and cant wait for its full integration into the trunk. I do however use the internal edge rendering for other means, and would be puzzled by its being left out arbitrarily in 2.5

I’m looking forward, with much anticipation, to using my first 2.5 build of freestyle/blender. Thanks for the hard work of Maxime and T.K. I mean no offense to any of the FreeStyle dev’s. Their diligent and talented work is appreciated. I’ve looked forward and followed freestyle before it was even being integrated into blender, so seeing it grow into a production-ready tool in blender is a joy for me.

If you’re still reading, thanks for your time. I appreciate any thoughts on the subject.

looks like the “classic” edge mode is in the recent 2.5 builds, thanks devs!!