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I’m Regz, a french user of Blender and I’ld to share with you my last (and first real ^^) python add-on. With some other blender users we were seeking for an addon (or a build-in way) to resize with precision an edge with an absolute value. Nothing on Internet (at least we haven’t found) so here is mine.
There is two sliders, the first is the length of the edges and the second the “position” (maybe an other word would be better). I explain, at 0, it’s from one vertice, at 1 it’s from the other one, between it’s … between (play with it you will see what I mean :wink: )

So to access it, download the .zip, extract it; copy it in /script/addon in your blender folder and then go to your addon preferences and check it (search for edge resizer). You can also go into your blender preferences and click on install addon and select the .py you’ve extracted.

Known issue: (In fact it’s the default behavior for all the tools of blender …) I’ve made this little add-on this evening so there is probably a lot of bugs however I’ve just spotted one (but a big one) bug, when you’ve finished to resize an edge and you select an other to resize it, you will need to reselect edge resize.

I hope it will be useful for some of you, don’t hesitate to comment if you’ve spotted some bugs or if it’s useful for you :wink:

Sorry for my english :wink:


edgeresizer.zip (2.04 KB)edgeresizer1.1.zip (2.76 KB)

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Thank you!

Hey !

Here is a new iteration:

So bug fixes:
–> the position value between 0 and 1 was so buggy ! (didn’t keep the good value)
–> if there is more than one edge selected the average is displayed in the length field
–> I’ve translated all my (few) comments in english

And a big new feature:

Now you’ve got a check box drive:
if checked the drive property let you change only the length of the last selected edge and the other will follow: here two pictures, it will be easier to explain:

So if you’ve fund bugs, got recommendations or if it has been useful for you don’t hesitate to make a feedback.

yeah it’s near, didn’t view this project. However a feature is missing; the possibility of “pushing” part of the mesh and it’s really useful, and it’s unfortunate because the addon looks great.
But yes I imagine that a so simple addon was already made by someone.

I updated this to work with 2.8.

edge_resizer_2_80.py (7.9 KB)


Thanks for the addon.

Hi Thanks very much, that´s the only way I have found to resize a face or an edge by inputting size. It would be very nice either, to have a set dimensions for face! Like setting overall X and Y