edge settings in realtime engine

(blenderage) #1

how do you use toon shading in realtime engine ive seen it done before but nothing happens when you use the edge settings in the display buttons. thanks

(Carl) #2

I don’t think edge settings apply to the game engine

the trick is to do two things:

1 turn of the light shading on you meshes and put the shades and effects in your texture…

2 create a secondary mesh, that is just slightly bigger than your primary mesh… invert this mesh (turn it inside out) and then get rid of it’s texture, and make it all black… now you will have an edge on your meshes…


(Billiam) #3

To invert it you have to reverse the normals. To do this, select your copy, go into edit mode (TABKey) then Select Editbuttons (F9). Make sure all the points are selected (A Key). The in the Editbuttons window select Flip Normals. You can also do this by pressing W Key then pressing 8.

Of course using this method doubles the amount of polys the object is made out of, which could slow things down… but hey, it looks cool.