Edge Slide problem

Could you explain how the edge slide function works in Blender, please? I was following the chair tutorial of Blender Guru and faced a problem with the edge slide. He double-tapped G and easily moved edges along the z axis, in the direction that is needed; however, I can’t do this. Edges move only along the x axis in my case.

Vertex and Edge slide move the vertex or edge along a connected edge. You can additionally tap C once you’ve established the correct direction to get additional functionality. Like take a single vertex on the top face of a default cube. You can vertex slide it along three different connected edges. For a single edge on the top face of that cube you are down to two directions in which it can be slid. Using the C key once the slide has started lets you slide that edge upwards as well as downwards for example.

You’d really have to post a screenshot of the part you are talking about. New users can’t post images and files within posts straight away though. I’d guess if you were to spend half an hour or so reading through a handful of threads and topics you’d be able to after that.

Thank you for your response! Here are the screenshots. I can move bottom vertex down but I can’t do it with the top one; it moves to right or left. I can’t figure out why it happens like this.

The screenshot of problem vertex.

To get that set of vertices to slide upwards you’d first have to start sliding them downwards, then press the C key. Then you would be able to slide them up past their original position. Holding down Alt achieves the same thing. But you have to kinda tell Blender which direction to do this in… hence start moving it down until you see the yellow line, then press C once or hold down Alt.

One thing I noticed when watching that portion of that video and trying it out for myself is that sometime Andrew Price is sliding vertices up or down, but he’s moving his mouse left and right to do so. The important part is to get the yellow lines to appear going the right way, then hit C. Then move your mouse in whatever direction works best for you. It’s almost like up/down movements when sliding up and down are very small and fine and left/right movements (while sliding up/down) are larger and more noticeable

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Thanks a lot! It really helped to move it down first!

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