Edge slide with edge duplicate

I really like Edge Slide tool but is it also possible to somehow duplicate the edge? I am sure that this must be possible to do but I just didn’t find the solution when trying search/google.

Basically, I would like to duplicate an edge and slide it along the geometry. Slide tool is almost doing the job, but instead of moving the selected edge I would need to create a new edge that I am able to slide.

can always loop cut and slide the edge to where you want it. or use the knife tool and just cut the edge in where you want it.

Alt V (rip fill) might do it for you. remember to keep your cursor on the side of the loop that you want to slide towards or you will get weirdness overlap.

Duplicate+Slide would be a neat solution for “partial edge loop insertion”, though. Instead of deleting/hiding faces to control the flow of the loop you want to insert, just select the edge you want to base it off.


Actually, yeah, this IS a use of the new Rip Fill I hadn’t figured out!
Execute with alt+V, then press G once to switch from free-transform to slide-mode. Unless you really don’t want the automatic tri, it should work like a charm.

Thanks for the tips! Rip Fill seems to work quite well but I am still having some problems to get consistent results. Sometimes I am able to slide the new edge but sometimes it doesn’t work. Also, I haven’t find the way to control what side of the edge the new edge will be created. I will need to do some more testing.

Did you see above where I said to keep your cursor on the side that you want the edge to be when you press Alt V. If you call from a menu you do not have this option.

It’s fine to create huge N-gons as in your pic above as long as you know it’s not fine to create huge Ngons as in your pic above. There’s a time to use rip fill and a time to use add loopcuts… Remodel before someone sits in that chair and you have a lawsuit on your hands!