Edges appearing in baked texture

Hey guys,

Please somebody tell me if I’m right. I’m using cycles to bake textures of a low poly head model. However I noticed that the baked texture is marked by the edges of the mesh faces.

At first I thought that the reason for that is that I had not enabled shade smooth. But I tried again and got the same result.

So my conclusion is that, even though the texture appears smooth in the viewport because the shade smooth was applied to the mesh, cycles will not take it into account when baking and so the only alternative to get smooth baked textures is to use a very high polycount model. Am I right or I’m missing something? Thank you and have a nice day.

I do not think the Smooth shading is the issue here, but cannot diagnose the problem with the given information. Screen shots of the issue and your baking settings may help. An upload of the the file would be most useful as the issue may be with lighting or some other setting.

Thank you for answering Phillip.

Here’s the screen shot, have you ever seen something like that?

I baked it in Direct light only, Diffuse, SSS and AO maps combined.

4096 tiles (somebody said that big tiles speed up the baking).

Light Paths: Diffuse 1; Glossy 1 and 0 for the rest.

Thank you.

If you used a Lightmap UV unwrap, I am thinking that maybe the Margin setting may be the issue. This defaults to 16 pixels, and if the UV islands are closer than this, the bake will overlap other islands and cause this.

I am not sure what you mean by this: “Diffuse, SSS and AO maps combined.”
“Combined” is a bake type, but are you saying you baked Diffuse, SSS, and AO, and combined them in the shader?

Like I said, there are many, many settings to consider.