Edges are hard to see

Is it just me or the edges in the edit mode is more harder to work with in the new 3.4.0
I mean look at this:

can barely see what I selected or is active.
I know the bevel weight is on but this did not happened before as far as I can remember.

I checked this out on a model of my own because that way I could make sure I am viewing it exactly from the same position at the same distance, and I see no difference between 3.1 and 3.4. They’re both not easy to see when the edge is already marked in some way.

I do find the lines in general just a bit on the wimpy side for my old eyes, so I often increase the line width. Edit β†’ Preferences β†’ Interface β†’ Display β†’ Line Width to Thick.


Thanks but even with that there are still some lines that are hard to see. but it sure helped.

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