edges are moving, and i dont want em to

when i select an edge and move it the ones connected to it move a little bit also, it is kind of annoying . so how do i shut it off?

You don’t. If the other edges didn’t move they wouldn’t be connected anymore and your mesh would be all disconnected (faces would be lost). If you tell what you are trying to accomplish we can probably tell you the easiest way to go about it.


i have a cube and have extruded several sides of it. i am trying to shape it into a shape for a tutorial (making bongo) by selecting edges from side view and moving them. it kind of looks like its stretching like skin, this is confusing to me because in all of the other programs i have used this never happened.

From the last post I guessing you are using subsurfs so turn on optimal mode (which changes from cage view to isoline view). The isoline view is what most other software uses by default. This is just a guess as to whats going on as your description isn’t very clear to me.

The optimal button is a little below where you turn on subsurfs.


The detailed description can be found in the amazing “subsurfs” video tutorial on blander3d.org :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry if i confused you but this is what is happening:
(this is in side view)
i dont have subsurfs on. inside of the red circle are the edges i have selected and am going to move,
in the red circle are the edges i moved. but these other edges moved also and i didnt have them selected at all.

You may have accidientally hit the OKEY at some point in your travels. It toggles proportional editing on and off. I sounds like it’s on but with very low influence. Does your cursor change to a circle (that you can resize thus increasing the influence using the mouse wheel if you have one) when you hit the GKEY. If it does then cancel the action (right click), hit the OKEY and then try GKEY again. I hope that made some sense. :wink:

edit: Ok ignore the above. I just realized it wouldn’t affect it quite that way but maybe this will help.

I did re-read your last post and noticed that you said you selected the “edge” Your picture shows an intesection circled which would be a vertex. If you did indeed select the whole edge then both of that edge’s vertices will be selected which means the lower edge (the one you don’t want moving) will move with it because they share a common vertex. To avoid it just make sure you are in vertex select mode and select only the upper vertex (that you circled in your picture.

thanks fly3d , your first suggestion worked ( its a 3 dimensional shap , not just made up of 1 layer uf stuff. i guess i should have mentioned that first)