Edges show these blue lines trough the texture

Take a look at this, and please tell me how i can fix it.
If you need more info or pictures from the uv layout let me know.

This is uv unwrapped, and i painted the texture with the texture paint tool.
Used a texture for the brush… But these blue edges are really annoying,
they give it a look like an amateur made this.
And actually thats the case but shhhhhht don’t tell.

What does your UVs look like ? We have no idea since no blend file supplied
What does your texture look like ? We have no idea since no blend file supplied

For support questions please make the effort of supplying useful information so anyone willing to help doesn’t have to take any more effort than is neccessary. Being a pro gamer you should appreciate this !

If you need more info or pictures let me know(first post)

I thought that maybe just from the picture one could recognise this problem.
And hand me a solution, doesn’t really matter except it takes longer know to get it fixed.

Here’s the blend.
Pedestal.blend (3.69 MB)

Make sure your texture extends past your UVs by a few pixels. Alternatively you can color the background a dark blue that matches the rest of the texture which will hide these seams nicely.

The lines you were seeing was because the light blue background was bleeding into the seams.

Hehe Dhaher,
here we meet again! :slight_smile:
Thx mate, for taking your time.

I’ll try to never forget that now.