Edges to curve script doesn't work ?


How you turn edges to curve ? I tried the script … selected edge loop then script in 2.49, new curve appear but it’s invisible,it happens with every mesh even with default primitives , any ideas ??

you need to delete all faces, to do this just go in edit mode and hit del or x then select only faces. then use the script to convert.

Still no success :frowning:

When I delete only faces I’m getting wire mesh of whole object but then

  • edge loop doesn’t work (when run edge loop it selects whole wire mesh)
  • when I manually select loop and run script it copies whole mesh to curves not the selected loop

So how to turn into curves only one edgeloop ?

it works fine just seeate the selected line from yur mesh and then
EXE the edgetocurve script and it will make a new line but as a curve of instead of a mesh

see file

if you don’t sepeate your line from original mesh it seems to create a nw curve mesh but empty so not certain why it’s dooing this !

hope it helps