Edit Button?

I am new to Blender so I am doing the tutorial for Gus the Gingerbread, but I can’t find the edit button anywhere to be able to do the mirror effect… I have read it should pop up when you hit F9, but nothing happens when I try… If anyone could help it would be appreciated!.. Here is a link of the button(s) I am looking for…

That picture you linked was of 2.4x, not 2.5x. I think you’re looking for the mirror modifier? If so, that’s in the properties panel (the one on your right) under the spanner icon.

You mean you’re trying to get into Edit mode? If so just press TAB to cycle through Edit/Object mode, or select “Edit Mode” on the pop-up menu on the panel directly beneath the 3D viewport.

Thank you! I finally found it!.. Yes I needed the mirror modifier, from the window I was looking at I thought there was a different edit mode where the mirror was found then the one that’s at the bottom of the screen, haha my bad!.. Thanks a ton! :wink: