Edit cube added on face in 2.82?

now it looks that the tool for adding in edit mode a cube has been removed
unless added in an addon !

anyone know what happen to this new tool ?

see video here


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The video is from May, 2018, and was using an early version of Blender 2.8. So yes, it seems the devs decided to go in a different direction. If you want to add a cube, Shift-A allows you to add any primitive.

If you want it aligned to the cursor as shown in the video, there is a way to accomplish this still, but it takes a few more clicks and requires adding the cube in object mode and then transforming its orientation:

Interesting: is this a use case that would be common??? :confused:

::blue skying:: an enhanced “Make Cube” script could place a new cube’s faces at the 3DC location: that’s one click for the 3dC, another to make the cube, and a bit of faffing about with F9 to get the right side to be placed – worst case 5 more clicks (with a simplistic interface), best case you lucked out and zero additional clicks. --That’s one way to approach it.

can be done with cursor or in edit mode
but needs a few click
there is also some addon that can help do it faster i guess

i was wondering about the tool in edit mode
in first 2.8 it was there then i guess been removed for whatever reason

it was useful to add something on a face and allowed to edit
so not certain why it was removed

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A cube is the easiest to imagine alignment. Cube, cylinder, and cone have obvious faces to align to.

Meh – not really worth thinking about. Just not going to come up that often.

that old tool was changing the transform and you where directly on the face
and able to edit things

which is way faster then what we can do now!

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Was that “were directly” on the face?

Don’t most primitives have their center at the 3dc? Was that different? 'Cuz the 3dc w/shft+rclk still sticks to the face of a mesh.

Even with Orientation set to Geometry, Shift-RClick will snap to the face, but will not align to geometry. Took me a while to figure out that I need to use the cursor tool and LClick to have the Cursor align to the geometry.

Also, as far as adding a mesh in Object mode, you can change the Align option directly upon adding in order to align to 3d Cursor (F9 panel).

sorry i see the align in F9
but when you go back to G S R you loose the transform

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Yeah, I think that’s a bug. IIRC, I even reported it, but it wouldn’t hurt for a couple of dozen more people to report it.

It’s either a literal bug, or there’s some such convoluted way around it that IMO qualifies it as a ‘design bug’, as in “what the heck were they thinking?”.

I was assuming the deprecated experimental feature would add a cube at the surface of a mesh, which of course the normal workflow would not (it’d be ‘buried’ inside the mesh).

i remember some bug on that and it will be corrected i think for 2.9 or 3.0
not certain
and primitives will become parametrize and editable which is about time

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I was all excited about them in C4D, but turns out I rarely used 'em.

it is another feature which was asked so many time
so now it is coming in 2.9 i think

makes the learning curve a bit more complicated LOL

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