Edit Mode Boolean Operations

If ive got two intersecting sets of Faces in blender how can I go about
performing a boolean operation on them? As I understand, the boolean in blender is object<->object, not inner mesh.

Id basically just like to create a set of points along the intersecting planes.

Thanks =)


I don’t think EditMode-booleans even exist … not to speak of working&performant booleans at all (i had quite some troubles some time ago).

You can try to

  • select one part of the mesh
  • seperate it ([P])
  • perform an object-boolean on the two resulting objects

But i can guarantee you that you don’t want (i.e. you will not like it) the result this produces.

An alternative to the built-in boolean functions is the python script (“megabool”) i posted in the link above. At least it produces whole meshes and doesn’t make wrong faces. (search for “/megabool_r12_hoehrermod_v1.py”)


Thanks, thats a cool script! very clean output too.

Thats wierd though… someone in the entire world must have wanted to create an intersection between the middle of two faces before?

Is what im trying todo not really a boolean operation then but a different name?.. like a slice, or a seam?

Any other opinions on this would be appreciated.
Im still trying to get to know the more advanced modeling
abilities blender has. :cool:


Of course, just search in theis forum to see how often. But this doesn’t change the fact that boolean operations in blender are somewhat defunct.

For that i suggest subdividing/cutting the mesh … just search for “knife” and “loopcut” in the forum & wiki