Edit Mode Cursor

In edit mode my cursor changes to an almost invisible crosshair.
I don’t know if this is a blender cursor or an X cursor, but I’ve noticed Greybeard’s tutes have a visible white pointer regardless of blender modes.
Question is - How can the crosshair be modified?

Blender under Mandrake Linux 10.1

I have the same problem in OSX 10.2. It doesn’t seem to affect anything else, though, so I live with it.

blender selects your “precision select” cursor in edit mode [it asks the os for the cursor, you configure your os to fix it]

sometimes it is set to be a 1px thick crosshair which inverts the color behind it

choose a different cursor… in windows it is in the mouse properties

Pretty much what I needed to know, thanks.

I copied “left_ptr” to “cross” and “crosshair” and the problem is solved. I have a nice VISIBLE arrow pointer regardless of blender’s mode.