Edit mode "Frame Current Object"?

I have a model with sub parts/Objects that are substantially smaller than the entire assembly.

While working in Edit mode I’d find it convenient to be able to have a one-key “Frame Current Object”, without zoom all the out as “HOME” would. I’d like to have all the parts un-hidden, so I can see how the sub parts relate to the greater assembly.

One key solution?

you can press / (local view) after, it isolates your whole object and zoom out.
that’s tricky i know… but it does the job.

I’m afraid I don’t know a way to do that from edit mode. However the alt+mmb shortcut may help here

So, not really/no.

If someone were to implement this, I nominate “Shift+Numpad .” as a semi-logical hotkey.

ALT+MMB is useful, but ideally this function would toggle between “current viewpoint” and “frame Current Object”, so when working on a detail users could “back up” and “go back” with maximum ease.

There is also Shift C. It frams all the scene and center the cursor… an old shortcut.

That’s an interesting idea ! Some addons allow you to store viewpoints, maybe they can also be invoked with a hotkey