Edit Mode Not Responding

Hey Guys, I started learning blender guru’s donut tutorial. I got to sculpting part and I started having issues. After I sculpted the icing and entered the edit mode, it started to lag and isn’t responding. Yes I clicked on d object but the edit mode still isn’t responding. Please, I need your help. Thanks in advance
And I don’t know what those symbols in front of my donut and icing object in the scene collection mean. They don’t show before, and even now when in object mode. They only show when in edit mode

Could you send the .blend file so that I can try to solve the problem please?

Thanks for replying. Here’s the link to the file, I’m unable to paste it here.


I think maybe you used Dyntopo and just created too many vertices for your computer setup. When you go to Edit Mode it has to process all of them.

That’s what I thought too, but I realized that I never used dyntopo.