Edit Mode Selection 2.8

Ok issue is if i have two objects in a scene and i select one while in object mode then change to edit mode i then cannot select anything on the second object unless i go back to object mode and change my selection however if i select both object in object mode and then switch to edit mode i can select whatever i want on either object this is driving me nuts please help
ps also cannot change selection with outliner in edit mode which is nuts also tried downloading 2.79b and it is doing it to it makes no freaking sense

Edit mode applies to the objects selected at the time you enter edit mode. Before semi-recent 2.80, you could only have a single object in edit mode, but 2.80 has added the ability to edit multiple objects at once. You cannot operate on other objects which were not selected when you entered the mode. This is just the design of Blender. You have to exit edit mode on the current object(s) before moving on to different object(s).

So I feel stupid now it clicked about an hour ago thanks for the reply.