Edit Mode showing different to Object Mode after vertex manipulation

Hello all,

Sorry if this has been answered before, the only solution I have seen on google is about Shape keys, which I don’t think I am using (I don’t see any Shape keys in the drop down).

I am using blender v 2.71 on Windows7.

Here is what I do, 100% repro rate:

  • Create a simple mesh, a cube is fine
  • Go to edit mode, grab a vertex and move it around (just grab one and move up it a few hundred px)

Now, flip between object mode and edit mode (tab-tab-tab-tab) and they are different! This is my first time outside of a handful of tutorials trying to use blender and this is very perplexing.

When I come to render out, it’s not showing my edited version, it’s showing the Object Mode version; I feel as though I am missing some kind of ‘apply’ in Edit Mode.

This happens with or without a modifier applied.

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here? Any comments are greatly appreciated. Below are some sample images, I have circled the most obvious.





I have just tried this in 2.60 and it does not occur. It occurs in 2.70, 2.70a, and 2.71.

Does anyone know if this was intentional? I may just use 2.60 for now, as I am trying to model some simple stuff by moving vertices and it’s just not possible for me in 2.7 for some reason.


Backface culling and face normals ?

It looks like the system doesn’t know how to properly create that face since it is a non-planar surface. SO when you switch to object mode it triangulates the faces and thats what you end up with. The solution would be to add an edge going from the vertex you drug to the opposite rear corner, and making the faces wrap around that edge instead of the awkward angle you have there.

Thank you for your replies, I Don’t think I have fully understood what you both have said however, I think I have understood enough to fix the ‘problem’.

What I have done is add more vertices to the mesh, by splitting some of the edges (subdivide). This I believe has given the mesh more structure to work with and therefore it has ‘understood’ what I want it to look like.

JuhaW: When you say back face culling and face-normals, are you referring to a similar issue Lembrijr pointed out? That when object mode triangulates the data, it doesn’t exactly know how to create the surface (and therefore no idea what the face-normal would be)? From what I can remember, back face-culling is about not rendering data that is essentially un-seen by the user and therefore is expending CPU/GPU power for no reason.

Lambrijr: I think I have done what you suggested in a bit of a more roundabout way, can you confirm that what I have done is what you meant?

Just a thought to muse on, would you not expect EditMode and ObjectMode to both show the same thing regardless (as in Blender 2.6)? I’m not sure I see any benefit of EditMode showing something that is essentially a lie (it won’t end up looking like it doe sin edit mode).

I think i need to do some more reading around mesh manipulation in Edit Mode and perhaps some more fundamental 3D Graphics theory. Do either of you have any recommendations on this matter? (search items would be fine).

Sorry for my lack of understanding on this subject, I appreciate the time taken to respond.