Edit mode slow in Win7

Hi. I’ve looked for anyone else experiencing this and only happened upon one post made last year that no one was able to give any advice. Has anyone else having a problem with the software running slowly when put into Edit mode. Usually, right when I start Blender and go into edit mode it’s lightning fast. then as time goes on I start tabbing into edit mode and rotate or zoom and it’s slow as molasses. I updated my Nvidia Geforce 250 GTS drivers, went to the latest and then back to a previous version, but it still happens. I just got this computer and don’t remember this happening on my old one. I’m running an AMD hexacore with 8bg mem and Win7 Home Premium 64 bit.

I had this problem recently. I found that it was caused by the modifiers of other objects, for example my hair particle system was on a scalp attached to the head with a shrinkwrap, so when I edited the mesh it had to update the particles, even if they were hidden.
could you post your blend file? a computer with those specs shouldn’t be lagging